Sympatex MoiSture-Tech® Apparel

Optimal moisture management for outdoor activities in all seasons
with changing load intervals

How it works

The functional textile layer next to the skin uses the push-pull principle: Moisture is wicked quickly away from the surface of the skin to the inside of the functional layer by a vertical suction effect where it is stored temporarily and spread over a large surface. The hydrophilic membrane is also activated by the high moisture concentration and thus ensures increased water vapour passage. This high activation supports the dynamic breathability. The more the body sweats, the more moisture the membrane can transport outwards. Within the functional textile layer moisture is only wicked to the outside. The suction effect towards the outside prevents the moisture from being transported back to the inside. The skin remains comfortably dry.

The benefit

  • Fast removal of moisture
  • Fast drying of the textile surface next to the skin during phases of high moisture generation
  • Optimal body climate when switching between phases of heavy load and rest
  • Prevents cold feeling
  • High wearer comfort

Sympatex MoiSture-Tech® Apparel

Test by Empa*


Study of moisture transport using micro computer tomography measurements (μCT) at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa)*


Monitoring and visualisation over time of the distribution of liquid sweat over the cross section surface area of laminate samples over 3 phases
1) Acclimatisation phase with no moisture supply
2) Activity phase with defined moisture supply
3) Recovery phase with no moisture supply

EXAMPLE   2-layer liner from the current Sympatex portfolio*

EXAMPLE   2-layer liner with new Sympatex Moisture-tech® Apparel Technology*


  • Faster removal of moisture from the surface of the skin
  • Temporary storage of moisture inside the laminate
  • Additional activation of the membrane and therefore faster drying during the recovery phase