Sympatex Moisture-Tech® 360°

Moisture-tech® 360° is an innovative insole which combines with Moisture-tech® laminate to create an even better micro-climate in the shoe.

How it works

In addition to the faster wicking in the shaft section by the Moisture-tech® lining laminate, the insole creates a 360° effect. The insole draws the moisture away from the foot or sock and buffers it briefly in an innovative intermediate layer.
The rolling movement of the foot generates a ventilation and pumping effect in the ducts structure of the insole which transports moisture in the form of water vapour evenly to the shaft fitted with Moisture-tech® lining laminate. This allows the moisture to be wicked outwards on a large scale whilst if a standard insole is used the moisture is not wicked away from the foot which causes a moisture block in the sock.

The benefit

The technology of the Moisture-tech® 360° insole enables all-round perspiration wicking and ensures excellent wearer comfort and dry feet.

Waterproof Breathable Comfortably dry

MoisTure-Tech® 360° – How it works

Footwear comfort test by Empa*

Firefighter boots with MOISTURE-TECH 360° insole**

Perspiration test

The result

  • Further reduction of residual moisture in the sock by 31 %
  • The Moisture-tech® insole can absorb 90 % more moisture without affecting comfort
    (Moisture is buffered in the innovative intermediate layer and this allows the upper material of the insole to remain drier)

Water volume evaporated to the outside

The result

The volume of evaporated water in the firefighter boots with Moisture-tech® 360° technology was 42 % higher than in the firefighter boots which only featured the Moisture-tech® laminate and standard insole.

*Empa: Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt Switzerland
**Empa test report No. 5214000965