• Garden furniture covers
  • Covering systems for pipes and military equipment to prevent corrosion
  • Laminates for protection and moistening of art objects
  • Vehicle covers
  • Insulating cover for water beds

Insulation cover for water beds with sympatex® Reflexion


  • 100% waterproof
  • Optimal breathable
  • Reflection effect of the aluminium coating achieves up to 3.6°C less heat loss
  • Reduces energy costs in the water bed by up to 70%
  • Creates a perfect climate for sleeping

Sympatex Reflexion® Innovative heat technology


  • The vapour deposition of aluminium on to the membrane results in up to 75% of body heat being reflected
  • Achieves up to 3.6°C less heat loss
  • Offers more freedom of movement and better performance due to the lack of additional layers of insulation