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In 2011, Greenpeace (GP) started the campaign “Deto水 my fashion”. The 水 (shuǐ), used as an x, stands for the Chinese character “Water” and is to draw attention to the water pollution and the production conditions of the textile industry in the production countries. In the worldwide “DETOX” campaign, the environmental organisation asks the textile industry for a “zero discharge” of dangerous chemicals as well as for transparency within the supply chains and also demands action plans of how to reach these goals.

With this international campaign, Greenpeace especially asks the outdoor industry to substitute the harmful production chemicals PFC in the treatment sector for safe alternatives. PFC belongs to the eleven priority substance groups on the detox list. It is known that it is toxic to reproduction and has a hormonal effect.

Since 2012, Greenpeace has repeatedly tested the pollutant content of waterproof and water-repellent outdoor products. During the examinations, two products were also tested, which are made of Sympatex materials. Both times, the Sympatex products were declared test winners: In the Greenpeace report from 2012 , “Chemistry for any Weather”, the jacket by the brand “Zimtstern” had the lowest concentration of PFC. After another test in the GP report “Chemistry for any Weather – Part II” of 2013, the “Kaikkialla” jacket with a Sympatex laminate had the best results. You can find the Sympatex statement here.
Moreover, three outdoor brands have already committed themselves to DETOX. Two of these companies are Sympatex customers. You will find the companies that have already committed themselves here.

Sympatex aims at finding a way towards a cleaner future together with those companies that are committed to detox or that want to commit from now on.