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Eco Footprint

PES Membrane

Sympatex contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. The material basis of the highly functional membrane is the Sympatex copolymer, a component of polyester and polyether molecules. During the production, which follows specific Sympatex formulations, the company and its partner DSM have managed to considerably reduce the carbon footprint of the product. Specifically, this means that the production of a Sympatex copolymer creates 50 times less CO2* in comparison with a PTFE polymer.

In order to eliminate all contributions to global warming, Sympatex will additionally compensate the CO2 amount of its entire yearly membrane production starting from 2017 through respective certified CO2 projects in cooperation with ClimatePartner. More about it in the following press release.

* Calculation based on SAC data per kg