Since Sympatex was founded around 30 years ago, the world population has grown by 50%. At the same time, humankind has increased the use of the Earth’s resources to 1.5 times of the regeneration capability of our planet. Currently, we are using the resources of our children’s generation – and we will leave them growing mountains of waste.

Therefore, it is our aim to do not only what is legally necessary but what is technically possible in order to contribute so that the textile industry can close the ecological cycle as soon as possible. Through our own development and a close dialogue with our customers, we would like to create a clothing industry that combines high individual demands with the uncompromising responsibility for the coming generations.

We believe that this doesn’t have to be a contradiction. At the same time, we think that it is not enough to only optimise certain aspects like durability. For us, it is the highest degree of freedom to commit ourselves voluntarily to reach an aim to the best of our ability: closing the loop. We invite our customers to join us in reaching this common aim.

Sympatex keeps expanding its commitment to sustainable and ecological activities. As a longtime bluesign® system partner, Sympatex meets the strictest guidelines worldwide regarding its production processes when it comes to the protection of the environment, health and production safety. We also try to promote textile developments that can become part of the cycle again as reusable material.