Top Performance for man and nature

Lovers of the great outdoors have high demands for their clothing. It must keep their body dry whilst controlled the body temperature perfectly in all weathers and regardless of activity level.

The best way of assuring comfort and perfect protection from the weather is with the “onion system”, which involves layers of different garments:

  • A base layer with conductive, wicking properties
  • Mid-layers with an insulating and heat-regulating function
  • Top layers with a weather protection function (waterproof, breathable and windproof)

The outermost layer has the most demanding task: On the one hand it must allow sweat to escape whilst at the same time it must protect the body from wet and cold from the outside.

As one of the leading membrane specialists in the world, Sympatex concentrates fully on this outermost layer. With a membrane which is 100% waterproof, optimal breathable and 100% windproof.

In these core points the Sympatex membrane achieves performance values which are well above the levels required by the standard and therefore provides excellent protection and comfort for the wearer.

As far as environmental protection is concerned, as well, Sympatex is a pioneer with its 100% recyclable membrane. Top performance for man and nature.