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Performance of Sympatex Membrane

100% waterproof

When outdoors we are exposed to the prevailing weather conditions. Functional textiles which feature the 100% waterproof Sympatex membrane provide excellent performance and make for more outdoor enjoyment.

The waterproofness of the membrane is measured on the basis of the water column under the pressure of which the material starts to allow water through it. According to EN 343 a membrane is waterproof if it can resist a pressure of 1,300 mm. Pursuant to ISO 811 the Sympatex membrane far exceeds these values and is extremely waterproof with a water column of over 45,000 mm.


High pressure load
Kneeling on damp ground

Kneeling woman / 60 kg / 1.70 m
per knee 5 cm Ø = 1.3 bar pressure
= 13,000 mm water column

High pressure load
Sitting on chair lift

Sitting man / 85 kg / 1.90 m
Seat 10 x 10 cm = 0.5 bar pressure
= 5,000 mm water column

High pressure load
Hiking with a backpack

Backpack 25 kg with waist strap
Contact area on shoulder 4 x 9 cm = 0.1 bar pressure
= 1,000 mm water column

  • All Sympatex apparel upper laminates (Allround, Performance, Performance Plus) reach a waterproofness of > 20,000 mm water column, regardless of the classification of the individual laminates
  • This level covers general demands in everyday life and particularly outdoors (e.g. kneeling and sitting on damp ground, carrying a backpack, rain whilst riding a motorbike)
  • The technical measurements are therefore restricted to 20,000 mm even though the Sympatex laminates can resist a much higher water pressure