Sympatex laminates for kids' shoes

Sympatex supplies suitable laminates for all weather conditions and all temperatures for kids’ shoes.

Main properties

  • Permanently waterproof to protect from damp
  • Optimal breathability in all climatic conditions
    • Combination of high breathability with very good insulation in cold weather
    • Combination of maximum breathability, very good heat conductivity and outstanding moisture management in warm weather
  • Climate-regulating polyester membrane
    • In cold conditions the compact structure of the membrane provides excellent insulation
    • In warm conditions or in times of high activity the membrane reacts dynamically, in other words additional moisture is transported to the outside quickly
  • Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable polyester membrane


The structure of the laminates and the materials used are precisely tailored to each other and are subjected to regular quality inspections. 3 to 4-layer lining laminates as well as 3-layer outer fabric laminates are mainly used.
The high wear resistance of the Sympatex membrane ensures that the laminates can be processed perfectly for shoe production.

Additional technologies

The following technologies are mainly used in kids’ shoes

  • Moisture-Tech® for fast wicking as well as increased breathability using an innovative intermediate layer. Excellent moisture management for permanently dry feet, even in hot weather.
  • HigH2Out® for the fast and effective removal of perspiration through absorbent lining material combined with the hydrophilic Sympatex membrane.
  • Reflexion® for reflecting up to 75% of body heat through the aluminised breathable membrane. This results in up to 3.6°C less heat loss.