Mission / Vision

Corporate mission statement

We develop, manufacture and sell with selected partners around the world membranes, laminated and functional textiles as well as fully finished products which offer our customers and users of our products maximum protection and comfort as well as top quality.
Our materials are optimal breathable, 100% windproof and waterproof and are manufactured using completely recyclable membranes. Our technologies and processes are based on the principle of ecological responsibility and sustainability with particular focus on ensuring an improved carbon footprint.

Corporate objectives


Since 1986 we are one of the leading German premium brands in the field of functional textiles. Based on our positioning we are internationally recognized as sustainable enterprise.


It is our goal to supply our existing and new markets with the best products. To that end we continuously develop and optimize our product portfolio with the most innovative partners in each market segment.


We fulfill the demands of our customers flexibly, competently and competitively in a partner-like manner. Methodical and innovative procedures support our positive reputation with our customers.


Our employees are the best in their respective fields. Commitment, experience and mutual motivation are rewarded with recognition and appreciation. Respectful and honest association with each other has the highest priority in our daily business.


Sympatex assumes its corporate responsibility and strives to overall shape a sustainable textile value-added chain with regard to society, environment and economy.
As a member of BCSI, Sympatex applies the code of conduct as a guideline for its corporate actions.


We achieve sustainable growth through the careful maintenance of our existing business, the acquisition of new customers in international markets and expansion into new areas of application.
Through the permanent improvement of our value added chain and the careful management of company resources we achieve high profitability.


We anticipate the impact that all of our business decisions and actions will have on the environment and work according to the principle: Reduce, reuse, recycle.